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RCB Structure

RCB Structure

Cove Engineering design and supply the industry recognised 'RCB' (Reduced Component Belt) structure with its benefits of significantly reduced component usage along with the associated maintenance cost reduction and improved handling from an OH&S perspective. Cove Engineering's RCB structure has been installed in a number of sites providing the end user with a cost effective alternative to 'typical' conveyor structure.

RCB (Reduced Component Belt) Structure is a unique and novel method of reducing the cost and complexity of conveyor structure. Cove Engineering, through the use of complex 3D modelling and vast experience with conveyor systems has developed the RCB concept which has been successful in a number of applications.

The core of the RCB concept is the fundamental change in the philosophy that conveyor idler support structure needs to be mounted on horizontal supports (stringers) to a philosophy where the idler supports are combined with the vertical support legs.

The above philosophy change has also allowed Cove Engineering to look closely at the longitudinal spacing of the idlers themselves which subsequently allows for a reduction in the number of idlers on a given conveyor system
when compared to 'standard' conveyor structure.