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Easy Flow Conveyor Transfer Chutes

Cove Engineering has extensive experience in the successful design and supply of conveyor transfer chutes. Cove Engineering design and supply transfers for all industries including ‘soft loading’ and de-watering transfers for coal related applications and dust minimisation transfers for difficult applications such as alumina etc.

Our transfer chutes will eliminate your existing conveyor problems, such as:

  • High maintenance costs due to spillage;
  • Belt damage associated with material impact;
  • Tracking problems due to off-centre loading at transfer points.

We utilise Solidworks™ 3D modelling software in conjunction with our proprietary design database. These systems when used together continually produce repeatable and accurate transfer chute designs.

The Easy Flow technology is based on the principal of ‘soft loading’ whereby product flow is ‘directed’ via curved transfer chute components that promote a sliding moment using the momentum of the product flow itself.

The Easy Flow concept ensures that the product remains comparatively intact thereby reducing impact and subsequently reducing wear and dust emissions.

Each of our ‘Easy Flow’ transfer is individually designed to suit a specific application with a particular focus on the product being conveyed and the selection of the appropriate liner or wear material. Easy Flow transfers can be designed to make use of wear materials such as hard faced plate, plastic liners, stainless steel and other more exotic materials.

Easy Flow Conveyor Transfer ChutesEasy Flow Conveyor Transfer ChutesEasy Flow Conveyor Transfer Chutes