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Precision Measurement

The FARO Laser Tracker X is a portable, contact measurement system that uses laser technology to accurately measure large parts and machinery across a wide range of industrial applications. It has a 70m diameter range, achieves 0.011mm 3D single-point accuracy, and is rugged enough for the shopfloor environment. The system measures 3D coordinates with its laser by following a mirrored spherical probe. High-accuracy, angular encoders — along with XtremeADM (absolute distance measurement) — reports the 3D position of the probe in real-time.

The FaroArm Platinum’s high accuracy renders traditional CMMs, hand tools and other portable inspection equipment obsolete. With a 3.7m operating diameter and Accuracy starting at ±0.029mm the 7 axis arm is an adaptable 3D measuring tool for part inspection alignment and reverse engineering or advanced GD&T and SPC output.