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Understanding AS4024.3610 & AS4024.3611

Cove Engineering has developed a comprehensive training package for conveyor system operators such that they have the training and knowledge to safely operate large complex conveyor systems. It is widely accepted that even very experienced conveyor people will and have gained valuable knowledge from this training course.

To date hundreds of conveyor operators have attended our Understanding AS4024 Conveyor Safety courses throughout New South Wales and Queensland. Our aim is to ensure all personnel are fully trained and aware of the risks associated when operating in and around conveyor systems and how the various Australian Standards apply to their working environment.

Our Understanding AS4024 Conveyor training package highlights the various requirements within the Australian Standards as well as touching on common industry issues. Areas covered are:

  • General Access
  • Safety Guarding
  • Controls & Isolation
  • Signage
  • Fire Protection
  • Emergency Stops
  • Site Systems & Procedures

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